Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Saturday June 9, 2012

I had the pleasure this week of meeting Doug Oakley, his personality is as big as he is tall. He is full of life and has a wicked sense of humor. I would like to dedicate this weekend's adventure and both Carter Peaks to him. The mileage that we covered pales in comparison to some of his achievements. He told me that he rode his bike from San Francisco to Boston in about 40 days and then he says he got smart and "put a motor on the bike." I  can only hope to come close to the amount that he was able to raise when he did his 4 Corners Ride for CCALS a while back.
This weekend I had the sincere pleasure to hike Middle Carter ( 4,610 ft) and South Carter ( 4, 430 ft) for a total of 11.8 miles with my friends Mo ( Maureen) and Brian. They hadn't hiked in a few years but they were definitely up for the challenge. The day started at 6am with them spoiling me by cooking me breakfast. They kept the jokes and laughs going all day long, capped off by us blowing bubbles to celebrate arriving at the top of each peak! We came across Mark who was completing his 48th 4,000 footer today on Middle Carter. Congratulations Mark and good luck in Arizona! I'm hoping I match his achievement at the end of this Journey. Thanks to Mo and Brian for a great day, I am truly blessed with great friends!

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